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      嫁給的英文 嫁給用英語怎么說

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      be married to (與某人)結婚;嫁給某人;娶(某人)

      marry v.結婚;和…結婚;為…證婚;使相配合;結合;嫁;娶;為…娶親;成為家中一員;把…嫁出

      常用 重點詞匯



      1. 1972年,她嫁給了她的丈夫。

      She married her husband in 1972.

      2. 它的統治者雷尼爾王子嫁給了一位美國女演員。

      Its ruler Prince Rainier married an American actress.

      3. 在重要的事情上,他們通常沒有選擇,比如嫁給誰。

      They often have no choices on important matters, like who to marry.

      4. 然而,這筆節省的資金是通過將成本轉嫁給工人實現的。

      However, these savings result from passing costs on to workers.

      5. 要她嫁給一個老頭,她逃婚了。

      She escaped from her marriage to an old man.

      6. 她最終會嫁給哪一位,誰也拿不準。

      It’s anybody’s guess who she’ll eventually marry.

      7. 1980年她嫁給了一個吃商品糧的人。

      In 1980, she was married to a city dweller.

      8. 她一定要嫁給他。

      She’s determined to marry him.

      9. 我不明白為什么你愿意嫁給這樣一個窮光蛋,一個吃了上頓,下頓無著的家伙。

      I don’t understand why you are willing to marry such a poor wretch―he never knows where his next meal is coming from.

      10. 他不明白她為什么要嫁給洛瓦特。

      He couldn't comprehend her reasons for marrying Lovat.



      be married to; marry